ANEP Emergency phone, remote monitoring
and accessibility for lifts


Emergency phones

Hoistway - Lift - Car elevator - Platform.
BOX- M enables the use of alarm systems :
ANEP BOX (F / TA / TX / TX +) in intercom system mode from the elevator’s machine room.
Communication of the machine room with :
- The car roof
- Inside the car
- Below the car
- In pit
BOX-M enables the use of the module
«firefighter zone» for intercom system with the car.
• Connection of the modules on 2 wires
• HP and Mic volume control (in machinery)
• Several BOX-M units can share a single phone line.
• Use in «Alternat» mode (Press to speak)

Technical characteristics

  • • Energy supply from 12 to 24 V DC or AC
  • • Consumption : 230 mA
  • • Factory setting

Our advices

  • ANEP BOX TA (voice on car roof)

    ANEP BOX TA (voice on car roof)

    Lift emergency alarm, amplifier for inductive loop, yellow and green indicators output.

  • Additional guarantee

  • Anepanywhere


    At ANEP, we provide our customers with access to ANEPANYWHERE: Our web-based software application gathers event and other statistical information about your conveyances. With ANEP technology, technical event management, alarms, and operations are centralized at a single point. This information is accessible from any location to both you and your employees. ANEP modules installed on your equipment send vital data via the internet when an event occurs. The data are analyzed and returned in the form of statistical information, allowing you to manage your conveyances with ease!

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    Need more technical information? Documentation? Installation advice or commercial information? Our team of elevator experts is at your service! You can contact ANEP at (+33 1 45 69 28 00). We will put you into contact with just the right agent to handle your request.

  • Installation


    ANEP has installation teams located in the Paris area (ABRM), in northern France, and Belgium. We offer our customers turnkey solutions: both materials and installation. Our installation teams are equipped to handle modernization projects (SAE France, Belgian Royal Decree). ANEP technicians are experienced and have the electrical qualification and certifications necessary (AFORP).

  • Service after the sale

    Service after the sale

    SAVTEL is responsible for the service of your equipment. SAVTEL offers its expertise to diagnose, repair, or exchange standard equipment and electronic cards. You can return the product in its original packaging, or deposit on the spot. In the case of a device that is out of warranty, a quotation will be faxed for approval. For information and consultation on the operation or the commissioning of a product, our hot-line is available during regular business hours.

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