ANEP Emergency phone, remote monitoring
and accessibility for lifts


ANEP : The link between the world of telecommunications and the elevator
ANEP sas, subsidiary of MERHAIV ASSOCIES,  is responsible for remote monitoring of elevators in France since 1979.
ANEP products are alredy installed in
- Many social landlords (OPHLM)
- Prestigious sites in the tertiary sector (hospitals, hotels, offices).
ANEP is a key player in remote alarm (emergency phones) for elevators, with strong growth.
Our customers, large and medium elevators companies, cover almost the entire market.
An innovative and reliable range of products
Over the past 34 years, our innovations have improved the lives of our customers, making ANEP a reference mark, recognized for the quality of its products and services.
ANEP has an installation subsidiary in Paris area (ABRM), and a team of installers in Belgium and Northern France. This allows us to offer our customers turnkey projects (material and installation).
The remote alarm and remote monitoring ANEP BOX (TA, TX, TX +) contributes since its launch in 2009, to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

In 2013, ANEP launches S BOX (Small-Smart and Simple), designed for Europe and U.S. markets. 
ANEP products: French manufacturing and international development
Our head office is located in Paris area.
All ANEP products are made in France.
ANEP develops internationally, with offices located increasingly in Europe and in the United States.

Furthermore our products in the elevator, ANEP offers solutions across emergency phones in other sectors, and software solutions for Call Center.

A R&D focused on our customers and users
Our R&D aims to provide technical solutions to meet the needs of our customers and users.
We believe to make a real contribution through our technology solutions, both affordable, innovative and flexible.

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