ANEP Emergency phone, remote monitoring
and accessibility for lifts


All new elevators in Europe must conform to the Lift Directive 95/16/EC and meet the requirements of the following standards

- EN 81-1 & 2:1998 - Safety rules for the construction of new lifts
- EN 81-28:2003 - Remote alarm on passenger and goods passenger lifts
- EN 81-70:2003 - Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability
Here are the main features associated with lift emergency alarm required by standards EN 81-1 & 2,  EN 81-28 and EN 81-70

- Installation of alarm equipment wherever risk of entrapment exists, that is to say inside the cabin, on top of car and in pit or below car
- The call must be issued until an acknowledgment is received
- The call must enable to identify the calling device, without any failure
- Ability to send end of alarm information
- Power control and transmission of information when the power supply capacity is low
- Automated testing with a minimum frequency of every 3 days  
- Bidirectional communication with the intervention service
- Yellow pictogram lit to inform the user that a call has been issued to the intervention service
- Green pictogram lit to inform the user that the call is acknowledged by the intervention service
- The "false alarms" must be filtered, with the possibility to enable / disable filtering
- Presence of an inductive loop for hearing aid users with a hearing system
Regarding existing lifts, EN 81-80 – Safety Norm for Existing Lift (SNEL) has identified and classified 74 hazards to be progressively eliminated in order to improve safety and accessibility of existing elevators.
-       No or inadequate alarm device inside cabin (hazard N°71) is considered as a high risk
-       No alarm system on car roof or in the pit (hazard N°18) is considered as a medium risk
Based on EN 81-80 risk analysis, each EU country is implementing a national law.

Each country selects in its national law hazards that must be mandatory removed from existing lifts.
-       November 18th 2004 SAE decree in France
-       February 4th 2005 Royal decree in Spain,
-        October 2nd 2002 UWED regulation in Germany
-       March 9th 2003 Royal decree in Belgium
-       December 21st  2005 Decree in Greece
-       Etc…
 EN 81-80 is gradually being applied in the E.U.. It is also a reference standard outside Europe. 

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