ANEP Emergency phone, remote monitoring
and accessibility for lifts

Know how

ANEP, a team that combines expertise in telecoms and in elevator technologies

Our assets:
- Knowledge of telecom technologies and elevator
- Regular investments in R&D
- A constant technology watch
- Our independence
Leading player in the market for lift remote alarm and remote monitoring elevators, ANEP is composed of a team of industry experts.
Our employees come from large and medium lift companies, and from elevator enginneering offices.
Our technical teams, among others, participated in the development of remote monitoring solution in two majors elevator companies, before joining ANEP, with their experience and their past renowned expertise.
Liable products designed with the needs and expectations of our customers
The  product line ANEP BOX, launched in 2009, was designed according to four axes, which correspond to the needs of our clients:
- reliability
- ease of installation
- modularity
- reasonable cost
The product range ANEP Box comes as follows
- ANEP BOX TA is the remote alarm complies with legal requirements (coupled with a faceplate module in cabin and a module under car or in pit).
- ANEP BOX TX version includes the voice synthsis
- ANEP BOX TX + version incorporates remote monitoring
In 2013, ANEP launches the S-BOX - Smart, Small and Simple- , to be placed behind a COP and fitted for Europe and U.S. market.

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